Graduate  Institute  of  Gender  Education

The Graduate Institute of Gender Education(GIGE) at the National Kaohsiung Normal University (NKNU)is the first of its kind established in Taiwan and Asia for promoting gender studies in Education.

GIGE was established in 2000 and has served as an institutional base for academic research, innovative teaching, and intellectual exchange on gender issues.

The Master's program offered through the Graduate Institute is designed to introduce students to a variety of feminist perspectives on gender issues and to encourage future interest in gender studies.

In 2011, we established a Ph.D. program to further promote gender education and gender mainstreaming in higher education. Our aim is to cultivate stronger research power of interdisciplinary perspectives in gender studies.

The faculty members of the Graduate Institute of Gender Education specialize in various research
fields and are committed to the intellectual
advancement of and practical engagement with
issues pertaining to gender equality in society and
in education.


Faculty  &   Adjunct Faculty



Dr. Mei-Hui You


          Specialists: gender education, sociology of gender, cultural education, feminist teaching



Dr. Li-Ling Tsai

Associate Professor

          Specialists: gender and science, gender and science

          education, discourse and identity, anthropology and




Dr. Vincent Shieh

Associate Professor

          Specialists: gender studies, curriculum and instruction, studies, qualitative studies, psychology of  gender



Dr. Chia-Ling Yang

Assistant  Professor

          Gender and welfare policy, intersection of gender and ethnicity, post-colonial feminism,feminist ethnography, gender and education



Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Der-Long Fang

Professor of 

Department of Education

Specialists: curriculum theory and practice, action research method, gender education curriculum design

Dr. Huei-Mei Wei

Associate Professor of 

Department of Education

Specialists: gender education, educational psychology, marriage and the family, sex education

Dr. Chiao-Ling Yang

Professor of Department of Education

Specialists: educational sociology, gender and education, qualitative research methodology

Dr. Ching-Jung Ho

Professor of Graduate Institute

of Adult Education

Specialists: Adult Learning and Teaching, Adult Literacy Education, Self-directed Learning.

Dr. Ping Yu

Professor of Graduate Institute

of Adult Education

           Specialists: Leisure Education, Leisure Counseling,

           Women Education, Adult Education Programming and


Dr. Wen-Chun Cho

Professor of Graduate Institute

of Guidance and Conseling

 Specialists: marriage and family counseling, group therapy,   gestalt therapy

Dr. Hsin-Ya Huang

Professor of Department of Foreign Languages and Literature,National Sun Yat-sen University

           Specialists: women’s literature, post-colonial discourse,

           contemporary American minority’s literature

Dr. Hsing-Chen Yang

Associate Professor of  Graduate Institute of Gender Studies at Kaohsiung Medical University

           Specialists: gender and education, feminist education,

           women’s education and learning, curriculum and


Dr. Ping Shaw

Professor of Institute of Communication Management, National Sun Yat-sen University

Specialists: gender and the media, communication and political economy, gender and communication, advertising and culture

Dr.Li-Ching Wang

Associate Professor of  Department of Education,National Pingtung University of  Education

Specialists: gender equality in education, mathematics teaching and research, teacher education

Dr.Joh-Jong Huang

Assistant  Professor

Specialists: domestic violence counseling, counseling gender studies, clinical epidemiology


Course  Groups

Our courses emphasize the combination of gender studies and society issues, focusing on both quality and quantity of research training. The  courses in Master and Ph.D. program are divided into gender issues; teaching and counseling; social culture and action; design and stratege. Credits required for graduation is 32 credits.

 Master Program                Ph.D. Program


Master  of  Education  Requirements

Students are required to take 32 credits, including 12 credits in required courses and 20 credits of coursework in related fields. Courses and degree theses must be completed within 4 years.

The Graduate Institute of Gender Education requires that all students pass oral
research proposals to orient their theses research.

These proposals are usually held in the second year of study.
Students also have to defend their theses in a final oral examination.


Contact  us :

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National Kaohsiung Normal University
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